And the winner!

30.01.07, 23:20:36 von scoresformovies
German Podcastaward 2007 in the category "KULTUR:klang"


I won the german Podcast-Award for my music in the category "sound".
Thank's for listening and downloading!

Gregor Wossilus

Scores For Movies Edition 1 2007

06.01.07, 00:54:20 von scoresformovies
The first edition in 2007...thank you so much for your patience and for staying subscribed!

Now enjoy the music!

Download MP3 (20,2 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 7 - 301006

30.10.06, 01:27:15 von scoresformovies
No, I DID NOT podfade...just so much to do.

Well check for youself...I hope you like the music in this one.


Download MP3 (22,8 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 6 - 220906

22.09.06, 17:02:21 von scoresformovies
A new edition of SCORES FOR MOVIES, that means more movies of and for the mind!

Feedback is always welcome at

AFTER listnening to the show you might want to check out this info about track 1 of this edition.

For a recommendation following track 2 click here.


Download MP3 (13,5 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 5 - 050906

05.09.06, 08:43:54 von scoresformovies
Another trip into the movies of my and especially your mind! This show has a slightly different structure?well, check it out and enjoy!

00:00 Intro / Greetings
01:00 Track 1
03:35 My movie of the mind (what I thought when composing this)
04:24 a call out to you to share your movies of the mind with me at
04:49 Promo Audio Gumshoe
05:48 Promo Secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean
06:53 Welcome back to S4M
07:14 Track 2
11:34 my movie of the mind part 2
12:12 another call to share with me your movies of the mind
12:38 Outtro

Download MP3 (18,1 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 4 - 160806

16.08.06, 22:43:39 von scoresformovies
In this edition I try out a concept proposed by one of my german listeners and of course again there are some exiting scores to create another couple of movies of the mind!

I have a new email-address:

Feedback as usual is always welcome!

To check out my movie podcast Entirely Entertaining please click here!

And if you like to check out the podcast I promoted in this edition please click


Download MP3 (15,2 MB)

Scores For Movies has a new email address!

16.08.06, 00:01:11 von scoresformovies
Please send your feedback to

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care


Scores For Movies Edition 3 - 300706

30.07.06, 21:59:39 von scoresformovies
Welcome to edition 3 where light flutes meet threatening strings and guitars!

Enjoy another trip into a movie of the mind!

And if you have feedback, let´s hear it!

(And if you are into saxophones check out Evan Tate´s podcast )

Download MP3 (12,3 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 2 - 080706

08.07.06, 02:01:32 von scoresformovies
This is edition II and it´s thriller time!

Hope you enjoy what you hear!

Download MP3 (11,4 MB)

Scores For Movies Edition 1 - 230606

23.06.06, 22:35:21 von scoresformovies
This is the first edition of SCORES FOR MOVIES.


(Any kind of feedback is welcome!)

Download MP3 (14,3 MB)

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