Scores For Movies Edition 5 - 050906

05.09.06, 08:43:54 von scoresformovies
Another trip into the movies of my and especially your mind! This show has a slightly different structure?well, check it out and enjoy!

00:00 Intro / Greetings
01:00 Track 1
03:35 My movie of the mind (what I thought when composing this)
04:24 a call out to you to share your movies of the mind with me at
04:49 Promo Audio Gumshoe
05:48 Promo Secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean
06:53 Welcome back to S4M
07:14 Track 2
11:34 my movie of the mind part 2
12:12 another call to share with me your movies of the mind
12:38 Outtro

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